Drawing Marie Antoinette - 30 Days of Dead People - Zombified Portraits

Hey Guys Hey internet!

Watch us draw and talk Marie Antoinette! SO last year in June, I participated in a challenge. This challenge was called 30 days of dead people, which in case you missed out on yesterday’s doodle. We decided to share all our zombie celebrity portraits we’ve done! SO I thought why not share all the doodles I haven’t share leading up to this Inktober! SO - Enjoy all the doodles! ✅SUBSCRIBE to the channel, if you liked the video - http://www.youtube.com/user/inkeater?sub_confirmation=1 🗯NEW VIDEOS Every Tuesday, Wednesday🗯🗯 HOPING to bring back Thursday SOON with NEW animations!
& let us know who we should draw next in the comments. 

 Hope you're doing awesome, 


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