We drew Rayne From BloodRayne - Bad Ass Ladies of Horror - Inktober 2018

Hey Guys, Hey Internet!

Hey guys! Hey Internet! Tonight we drew Rayne from BloodRayne as our final Inktober drawing! She took 44 minutes to draw, ink and create!

I really love how she came out. One thing I learned this Inktober is I kind of love drawing make up even though I cannot put it on myself to save my life! And smaller paper and keeping it all contained in a sketchbook has helped me this Inktober.

What are some tips or suggestions that you took away from this year's Inktober let us know in the comments below!

Never seen Bloodrayne? Check it out! https://amzn.to/2DuFmV4

Badass Ladies of Horror Playlist, check it out!

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